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  • The Beauty Aspect has been specifically designed to treat cellulite and rejuvenate, repair, revitalise and tone your body and face tissue. Thanks to its powerful suction and its “palpate and roll” function (for a “lift & roll” effect), you can feel the stimulating effects on the surface and deep tissue of your skin.

    Results of the efficacy study:

    For the figure:

    • Maximum loss * of 1.4 cm around the thigh
    • Maximum loss * of 3.5 cm around the hips
    • Maximum loss * of 2.5 cm around the waist
    • * Maximum loss (cm) observed according to a study carried out over 30 days in a laboratory.
    •  According to a study, 70% of women feel that it has a positive effect on the look of cellulite, and 76.7% of women reported positive results for the firmness of their skin.

    For the face:

    According to a study carried out over 28 days in a laboratory:

    • 96.7% of women feel that the Beauty Aspect gives them a radiant glow
    • 80% say that the Beauty Aspect starts working in the first few applications
    • 83.4% believe that after use, their skin is more supple
    • 73.3% believe that after use, they have fewer fine lines
    • 60% believe that after use, they have fewer wrinkles
    • 73.3% feel that the skin on their face, neck and chest looks younger
    • 83.4% feel that the skin on their face, neck and chest is smoother
    • 76.7% feel that the Beauty Aspect makes it look as though they have been to a beauty salon every day
    • 86.7% feel that the Beauty Aspect is the perfect complement to using cream every day


    • 3 accessories with a "LIFT" action and 4 accessories with a "ROLL" action
    • power control
    • gentle or vigorous massages: "long and continuous suction” function or 4 different programme
    • Maximum power: 60 W
    • Massage rollers: Yes
    • Number of adapters: 4 Heads of three rollers (15, 25, 35 and 55 mm) / 3 massage heads (10, 12 and 18 mm) / filter of the handle (20 pieces) / pump filter (10 pieces) 
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