Foot bubble bath Lanaform Foot Spa

  • Kood: 5410984069408
    Hind 2500
    4000 Säästa 1500
    Antud toode on saadaval

    Tarne 1-2 päeva jooksul

    1–2 tööpäeva
  • The Foot Spa foot bubble bath gives you all the benefits of reflexology, a massage technique used in thalassotherapy. The bubbling generated by the bubbles moves the water around and massages the reflex zone of the feet.

    The massage nozzle as well as the acupressure points in the foot spa themselves provide a massage specifically for the soles of the feet.

    Finally, the vibrations generated by the Foot Spa soothe tired feet and the constant water temperature creates provides a moment of wellness.

    • Vibration and bubble spa massage
    • Constant water temperature
    • Massage nozzle
    • Acupressure massage surface
    • Detachable anti-splash guard and drain valve
    • Timer: Non
    • Automatic shut-off: Non
    • Remote control: Non
    • Accessories supplied: 1 massage nozzle
    • Operating programmes: 1
    • Type of massage: Hydro-massage
    • Massage zone: Feet
    • Heating function: Non
    • Power: 60 W
    • Voltage: 220-240 V
    • Frequency: 50 Hz
    • CE: Yes
    • EAN ref.: 541098069408
    • Weight: 1.75 kg


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