• Ripptool patjadega Drop
    Kood: 1147_Brown
    Hind 17900
    Lanaform Delight Mattress
    Kood: 5410984087792

    Fitted with vibrating and heating areas, a removable Shiatsu pad and an acupressure mat, the Delight Mattress provides multiple massage options

    Hind 14500
    Lanaform BACK MASSAGER
    Kood: 5410984571802
    Hind 3780
    5400 Säästa 1620
    Lanaform Heating Pad
    Kood: 5410984058204

    The electric heating pad by Lanaform is the ideal product for warming up in no time at all when it’s cold, damp or raining.

    Hind 3900
    4490 Säästa 590
    Tagasi massaaži Body tapping
    Kood: 5410984085675

    The Body Tapping device provides a massage using tapping, effective in relaxing or stimulating the muscles and is adapted to each area of the body with 2 levels of intensity and 3 massage heads

    Hind 3920
    4900 Säästa 980
    Foot bubble bath Lanaform Foot Spa
    Kood: 5410984069408
    Hind 2500
    4000 Säästa 1500
    Vibratsioon ja küte madrats Lanaform Massage Mattress
    Kood: 5410984056941

    Vibrating mattress cover
    10 motors
    4 massage areas


    Hind 6320
    7900 Säästa 1580
    Lanaform Heating Blanket Back
    Kood: 5410984055678

    Heating Blanket for your Back, is the perfect partner for your back and neck on those damp and rainy days

    Hind 3900
    Lanaform Foot Warmer
    Kood: 5410984034581

    The electric Foot Warmer guarantees warmth and comfort thanks to its highly effective heating system.

    Hind 4400
    Lanaform Hand Warmer
    Kood: 5410984057115

    The Lanaform rechargeable hand warmer provides heat and comfort every time it is used. You will experience the same effect as a cherry stone heat pillow.

    Hind 2490
    Lanaform Aqua Pillow
    Kood: 5410984034727

    The Aqua Pillow moulds to the shape of your head and neck for optimum support and comfort. For a peaceful night of deep sleep.

    Hind 4900
    Heating Blanket Lanaform S1
    Kood: 5410984055494

    Lanaform’s S1 Heating Blanket electric pad for a single bed is the ideal partner for those damp and rainy winter evenings!

    Hind 4400