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  • Lanaform Heating Pad
    Kood: 5410984058204

    The electric heating pad by Lanaform is the ideal product for warming up in no time at all when it’s cold, damp or raining.

    Hind 3900
    4490 Säästa 590
    Lanaform 2-in-1 Shiatsu Comfort
    Kood: 5410984087761

    With its 4 dual-rotation rotating heads, its 2 massage and heating intensity levels, the 2-in-1 Shiatsu Comfort relaxes tired feet and the body’s other areas

    Hind 6900
    Lanaform Heating Blanket Back
    Kood: 5410984055678

    Heating Blanket for your Back, is the perfect partner for your back and neck on those damp and rainy days

    Hind 3900
    Lanaform Foot Warmer
    Kood: 5410984034581

    The electric Foot Warmer guarantees warmth and comfort thanks to its highly effective heating system.

    Hind 4400
    Lanaform Hand Warmer
    Kood: 5410984057115

    The Lanaform rechargeable hand warmer provides heat and comfort every time it is used. You will experience the same effect as a cherry stone heat pillow.

    Hind 2490
    Heating Blanket Lanaform S1
    Kood: 5410984055494

    Lanaform’s S1 Heating Blanket electric pad for a single bed is the ideal partner for those damp and rainy winter evenings!

    Hind 4400
    Electric Warmer Pad
    Kood: CDR1
    Hind 4900
    Lanaform Overblanket
    Kood: 5410984042616

    Practical and light, this electric blanket will keep you perfectly warm and as snug as a bug in a rug, wherever you are.

    Hind 6900
    Heating Blanket Lanaform S2
    Kood: 5410984057139

    Lanaform’s S2 Heating Blanket pad provides warmth and comfort.

    Hind 7900