Tagasi massagers

  • Lanaform Delight Mattress
    Kood: 5410984087792

    Fitted with vibrating and heating areas, a removable Shiatsu pad and an acupressure mat, the Delight Mattress provides multiple massage options

    Hind 14500
    Lanaform BACK MASSAGER
    Kood: 5410984571802
    Hind 5400
    Tagasi massaaži Body tapping
    Kood: 5410984085675

    The Body Tapping device provides a massage using tapping, effective in relaxing or stimulating the muscles and is adapted to each area of the body with 2 levels of intensity and 3 massage heads

    Hind 4900
    Vibratsioon ja küte madrats Lanaform Massage Mattress
    Kood: 5410984056941

    Vibrating mattress cover
    10 motors
    4 massage areas


    Hind 7900
    Lanaform HOME MASS
    Kood: 5410984007516
    Hind 18900
    Lanaform RELAX MASS
    Kood: 5410984016891
    Hind 11400
    Lanaform TURBO MASS
    Kood: 5410984006793
    Hind 5900
    Lanaform FULL MASS
    Kood: 5410984010776

    Electric massage belt (physiotherapy) Full Mass Lanaform

    Hind 7900