• Lanaform Moony
    Kood: 5410984083794

    Moony humidifies your child's bedroom, reassuring him or her with its nightlight function and captivates the child by projecting the moon and coloured stars onto the ceiling

    Hind 4720
    5900 Säästa 1180
    Lanaform Air Purifier
    Kood: 5410984083916

    Take advantage of cleaner air with Lanaform’s Air Purifier fitted with a 3-layer filter (pre-filter, HEPA, activated carbon) and a U.V. light

    Hind 12720
    15900 Säästa 3180
    Lanaform Bora Bora
    Kood: 5410984083381

    The Bora Bora gentle heat diffuser operates without any water to ensure clean use of the essential oils and an optimumaromatherapy experience.

    Hind 2900
    3400 Säästa 500
    Elektriline hambahari Silk'n SonicSmile
    Kood: 8712856052455

    31 tuhat vibreerivat hambaharja liigutust minutis

    Hind 8900
    12900 Säästa 4000
    Lanaform Mili
    Kood: 5410984060498

    With its elegant design and its interchangeable rings, the Mili essential oil diffuser fits in perfectly with your interior.

    Hind 4590
    5400 Säästa 810
    Lanaform Speedy Cleaner
    Kood: 5410984027125

    The ultrasound Speedy Cleaner helps you remove all stains and dirt from any surface, including CDs, jewellery and glasses.

    Hind 4900
    5900 Säästa 1000
    Lanaform Aroma Essence
    Kood: 5410984042494

    The Aroma Essence essential oil diffuser creates a light mist that infuses the home with aroma and diffuses a soft coloured glow.

    Hind 4900
    5900 Säästa 1000
    Lanaform Hand Warmer
    Kood: 5410984057115

    The Lanaform rechargeable hand warmer provides heat and comfort every time it is used. You will experience the same effect as a cherry stone heat pillow.

    Hind 2490
    Heating Blanket Lanaform S1
    Kood: 5410984055494

    Lanaform’s S1 Heating Blanket electric pad for a single bed is the ideal partner for those damp and rainy winter evenings!

    Hind 4400
    Lanaform Moa
    Kood: 5410984060474

    MOA essential oil diffuser creates a healthy, elegant and relaxing ambience for the interior of your home. Ideal for calming yourself in comfort

    Hind 5400
    Lanaform Bali
    Kood: 5410984056248

    The Bali essential oil diffuser creates a light mist that carries a lovely fragrance and soft blue light around the home.

    Hind 3900
    Lanaform Stim Mass
    Kood: 5410984083336

    The Stim Mass electro-stimulator helps enhance the benefits of your physical activities and your general well-being by relaxing your muscles.

    Hind 3900