Skaistumkopšanas ierīces

  • Pedikīra ierīce Lanaform PEDILA
    Kods: 5410984085569
    Cena 1990
    Manicure / Pedicure Device UV Nail Lamp
    Kods: 5410984083947
    Cena 4400
    Lanaform Stop Cell
    Kods: 5410984592104

    The Stop Cell is a massage device that uses vibration to prevent and reduce cellulite and firm up the skin of your body.

    Cena 3400
    Lanaform Skin Mass
    Kods: 5410984016174

    The Skin Mass is a massage device that uses the "palpate and roll" action and suction to combat cellulite and tone your body.

    Cena 6900
    Lanaform Silky Hair Brush
    Kods: 5410984083961

    Stop frizz and static electricity in their tracks.

    Cena 1900
    Fotoepilātors Silk'n Jewel LUXX 200.000
    Kods: 8712856061037

    Fotoepilātors ar 200.000 gaismas impulsu rezervi un automātisko impulsu sistēmu ātrākai matu likvidēšanai

    Cena 12900
    Pedikīra ierīce Lanaform Dolce
    Kods: 5410984056866
    Cena 4900
    Silk'n Perfect Touch
    Kods: 8712856053889

    Silk’n Perfect Touch is a beauty tool that painlessly shaves, trims and shapes hairs in sensitive body areas.

    Cena 1795
    Silk'n LadyShave
    Kods: 8712856052295
    Cena 1990
    Silk'n LadyShave Wet&Dry
    Kods: 8712856056682

    Silk’n LadyShave Wet&Dry is the ideal solution to remove undesirable body hair in a fast and comfortable way.

    Cena 2490
    Silk'n GoSleek
    Kods: 8712856057580

    Silk’n GoSleek innovative straightener with infrared technology and ceramic coating creates the ultimate smooth effect, without damaging your hair

    Cena 3990
    Silk'n GoBrush Mist
    Kods: 8712856060788

    Silk'n GoBrush Mist innovative steam straightening system combines the technology of a flat iron and a heated brush for detangling and maximum contact to every strand

    Cena 5990